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The attack on the truth of the Bible comes from both ends: 1) an attempt to discredit the Genesis account of Creation; 2) a change in the meaning of the phrase "the end of the world."

The attack is "coming and going" - from "both ends." And, it comes from two major sources: the powers of darkness which are plain and open, and those who have transformed themselves into angels of light.

NASA scientists make no bones about it - the Creation account found in Genesis 1 is a fairytale. No reasonable human being could possibly believe that the world and all that's in it could have been created in 7 days. The scientists contrived methods of dating simply do not allow for a young date of Creation - as recorded in Genesis 1.

If scientists can cast shdows of doubt on Genesis 1, then it casts doubt on the rest of the Bible. If the beginning is a fairytale - then so is the rest. This, they have done, quite well! The front end attack has proven a very good method in causing people to doubt, then completely discount the Bible.

There are some "preachers" who have a revived interest in defending the Genesis account of Creation - including - defending the Bible's clear teaching that the world is NOT a globe. Sadly, most of these "preachers" nullify the gains they achieve in returning men to the Genesis account and to a "flat world" - by preaching the EXACT same END TIMES theology that NASA preaches.

Ultimately, it is the FINAL GOAL of the Bible that NASA wants to discredit the most - the present day reality of the gospel of the Kingdom of Christ. This removes God and the Bible as the final authority for all things - and replaces Him with humanism.

The truth is, NASA doesn't really mind the "flat world" theology - as long as End Times theology is included.

End Times theology, as that espoused by Rob Skiba, Dean Odle and others is anti-Christ theology and it is the theology of NASA cloaked in religion. Just this week, a headline on Yahoo News stated that NASA's asteroid destroyer would be unable to stop a giant asteroid from destroying the world in the year 2135. "The end is coming and NASA needs to be the "saviour."

Almost daily now, we are being conned into the belief that aliens exist and hopefully, when they invade earth, "they will be friendly." Former U.S. president Bill Clinton was on Jimmy Kimmel and stated the exact same thing - "aliens exist - let's hope they're friendly."

The dramatic imagery and drama that the End Times theologians describe concerning the book of Revelation is really nothing different than NASA's dramatic imagery and drama - except it has a false Biblical narrative.

END TIMES "theology" has supernatural beings called "Satan" and "demons."

NASA has supernatural beings called "aliens" and "UFOs."

END TIMES "theology" has a future New World that dramatically comes down from the heavens.

NASA believes in the possibility of alien civilizations invading the world - and NASA has the sci-fi idea of men inhabiting other realms in the "gallaxy."

BOTH preach supernatural beings.

BOTH preach "end of the world."

NASA refuses to accept the clear, plain language found in Genesis 1.

END TIMES theologians refuse to accept the clear, plain language found in Matthew 24 "...this generation shall not pass, till ALL these things be fulfilled..." and Revelation 1: "...things which shortly come to pass..."

BOTH systems work for One World idealogy! The enemies of Christ could care less who is promoting One World government - they just want it promoted. The END TIMES theologian is the greatest ally FOR globalism that the enemy has. The END TIMES theologian espouses that One World government is the fulfillment of Bible prophecy. So "christians so-called" LOVE it when globalism advances. They see it as a "sign of the times." The deceivers LAUGH HYSTERICALLY at those who advocate what they so claim to be against.

The END TIMES theologian espouses that Jesus is returning some day to SET UP A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT! The deceivers LAUGH HYSTERICALLY at those who advocate what they so claim to be against!

This is classic Machiavellianism. The enemies of the Kingdom of Christ invented evolution, the globe, modern science, etc., for the sole purpose of leading people to doubt the existence of God. Thus, they were "pitted against" the modern "preacher" as idealogical enemies.

The enemies of the Kingdom of Christ then invented futurism, with all its dramatic imagery and mysticism - which has as its goal - removing the Kingdom of Christ from a present-day reality - to a future kingdom led by a false messiah.

The sole purpose of END TIMES theology is to lead people away from the present day reality of the Kingdom of Christ. Christ could not have been any clearer in Matthew 4: "...From that time Jesus began to preach, and to say, Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand..."

BOTH systems of belief are working towards the same end - leading people away from the present day reality of the Kingdom of Christ.

The two are set at war with each other - with both trying to achieve the same goal. BOTH are false. But BOTH gain strength from each other as they "duke it out."

When we look at Neil DeGrasse-Tyson or Bill Nye espousing their false science - it's comical.

When those who know the truth know what the Bible teaches concerning the "end of the world" - looking at End Times theologians with all their drama and Hollywood imagery - it's comical. Those "preachers" so-called are DeGrasse and Nye using different language, but achieving the same goal!

The enemies of Christ laugh at both because of the great deception they created and how well it has accomplished their goals!

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