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Peter First From Way Down Under

Re: 1 Peter 2:13.

The story I could tell on Authority, is long and vast, so I will save it for a future time.

However a number of years ago I was seeking the Lord regarding answers on many differing fronts and sitting at my computer found myself opening Google earth.

I felt the Lord say. I will take you where no man has been before, and wildly spinning the wheel on the mouse found myself drifting down toward Antarctica.

As I continued descending I became aware of a small dot on the map of what at first I thought was an iceberg, when I noticed a few photo icons appear. I immediately clicked on one, lo and behold I am reading I Peter 2:13, at least that is how it registered with me. Actually after researching what I was looking at it became known to me that it was not an iceberg but a tiny island covered with snow and ice.

Its proper name is Peter First island. I quickly opened my Word study Greek-English New Testament [McReynolds] at 1 Peter 2:13 fully trusting God that He was going to open my understanding to something new and for a long period sat perplexed, not seeing anything any different to what I had seen on many previous readings of this scripture. Then I noticed a glimpse of something I had not seen before. I shook my head, surely I had to be wrong, I looked again and again, I pondered, I questioned, I wanted to believe what I was seeing but had to fight off the fear I would be wrong, but the word I received from The Lord kept my heart aloft to what He was unleashing.

As simply as a child I could see 2 words that I realized should not be there.

1 Peter 2:13. Charlie, this is how it appeared to me:

"Subject all man-like creation through the Master whether to king as excelling or to leaders as through him being sent for bring out right of bad doers praise on but doing good; because thusly it is the want of the God doing good to muzzle the of the unthinking men no knowledge,"

There was the answer, the translators added the word 'Be' in front of the word Subject.

They also added the word 'to' after the word Subject so as to create the appearance that it is we who were to be Subject to temporal powers, when, it is we who are to subordinate all mankind through Him.

Error in 1 Peter 2:13.........Be Subject to all man-like creation through the Master...

Should be........................ Subject all man-like creation through the Master...
or......................................Subordinate all man-like creation through the Master...

This would be impossible to discover without a Greek/English Interlinear Bible, with the addition of a corresponding Strong's numbering system.

The Word study Bible I mentioned above was a gift from God, a Tyndale Publication, and came to me through much prayer. Highly recommended.

Charlie please pray about this with all your heart as it causes our flesh to reel at first.

I have literally spent hundreds of hours, over and over regurgitating these findings and fear misrepresenting our King.

The word translated by most Bible translators from the Greek Hypotasso/Hupotasso is rendered to include

"Be subject"

rather than express to us our position in Christ which should simply be as the Greek dictionary defines.

"To arrange under, to subordinate"

Realistically I have turned the Greek word " Hypotasso/Hupotasso" inside out, Thayer's definition has it...

1. to arrange under, to subordinate
2. to subject, put in subjection.

As does Strong's, as does Liddel and Scott (Greek English Lexicon) new Edition, [page 1897] and most other Authorities. Simply put the primary use of the word "Hupotasso/Hypotasso substantiates bringing one into subjection/subordination.

Jesus said "Preach the Gospel of the Kingdom to the Nations. Make them disciples, All will be bought under the feet of Christ !
I read somewhere in Job God would hide secrets in the snow and ice for a time of war !

Peter First Island may hold a Key.

Much more on this later Brother Charlie, God Bless,
John J.


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