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God send us men whose aim ’twill be,
Not to defend some ancient creed,
But to live out the laws of Christ
In every thought and word and deed.

God send us men alert and quick
His lofty precepts to translate,
Until the laws of Christ become
The laws and habits of the state.

God send us men of steadfast will,
Patient, courageous, strong and true,
With vision clear and mind equipped
His will to learn, his work to do.

God send us men with hearts ablaze,
All truth to love, all wrong to hate;
These are the patriarchs families need;
These are the bulwarks of the state.

Words by Frederick Gillman, 1909
(Modified slightly)

I Peter 2:13 - Geneva Bible of 1599

"Therefore submit yourselves unto all manner of ordinance of man for the Lord's sake, whether it be unto the King, as unto the superior..."

I Peter 2:13 - King James Bible of 1611 (First Edition, 1611)

"Submit your selves to every ordinance of man for the Lords sake, whether it be to the King, as supreme..."

Along with Romans 13, this could very well be, the most misunderstood passage of Scripture in the whole Bible. Not always...but at least in our time.

In Romans 1, Paul warns of those who would "change the truth of God into a lie."

I submit to you that one letter of one word in the English Bible was changed - and that change resulted in the entire meaning of the Scripture being changed for the great majority of people who read the Word. Yes, I am saying that not only the I Peter 2 understanding has been changed - but the ENTIRE meaning of the Scriptures have been changed because ONE letter in the English Bible was changed!

Do you think this is an exaggeration? I don't believe so and I would ask you to please consider clicking the link below to read the commentary on I Peter 2 and Romans 12 & 13 to see for yourself. If the word King was originally intended by God to refer to King Jesus and the change (Capital "K" changed to small "k" in modern Bible versions) has made people believe it was meant for earthly kings - the consequences are immeasurable. The proper understanding of the perfect Will of God DEMANDS that we know which King/king this passage is talking about.

Read I entire Peter 2 & Romans 12 & 13 Commentary >>>

The Pilgrims who came to this country in the 1500s - believed that the "King" in I Peter 2 was in fact, King Jesus. The links below are for the Covenant, the constitution, that those men bound themselves to when they settled and established their community and instituted their Civil Government. See for yourself if the 1599 Geneva Bible and the first edition 1611 KJV, which had the word "King" capitalized in I Peter 2, had any effect on the institution of their Civil Government.

What you will see is a REAL IMPLEMENTATION of the correct understanding of what Paul was telling the followers of Christ in Romans 13.

Read document on this website | Read with comments on this website | Original link


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